Meaning of Shloka & Geeta

                   श्लोक आणि अर्थ  Sanskrit stanza with meaning 

१)  न हि ज्ञानेन सदृश्यम पवित्रं इह विद्यते । तत्  स्वयं  योग संसिध्द: कालेन आत्मनि विन्दती ।।

Meaning :  Nothing  powerful exists in this world, resembling ज्ञान or knowledge. That one self  acquires at proper time and that comes from within  !  Here word पवित्रं means powerful as it is taken as holistic but it becomes holi because of power it commands  !   

२) अध्यात्मज्ञान नित्यत्त्वम तत्त्वज्ञानार्थ दर्शनं  । तत् ज्ञानं इति उक्तम अज्ञानं तदन्यथा ।।

Meaning :  “knowing your own self all the time” , while trying to understand principles of this world which lead to “अज्ञान (adnyan) or loss of self understanding” is called ज्ञान or knowledge , while reverse is अज्ञान or loss of knowledge  ! ( meaning trying to understand principles in this world without understanding or knowledge without “knowing your own self all the time” is sign of अज्ञान  

३) अहं च सर्वस्य ह्रिदि संनिविष्टो । मत्तैव स्मृति: ज्ञानमपोहानं च ।।                                                        वेदैहि च सर्वैहि अहं एव वेद्यो  । वेदान्त कृत वेद विद एव च अहं  ।।       

 Meaning : I am present in the heart of everything. I am the originator of memories , knowledge & forgetting the same ( memories & knowledge). Purpose of all vedas is to know myself only. I am the creator of vedant meaning I create even end of vedas & still I myself continue to know all vedas. Here Lord gives indication of omnipresence as well as reminder of knowledge required at a given time as well as forgetting it after requirement is over being destructor as well as creator of knowledge.