Music Therapy

The concepts behind music therapy are in short can be summarized                                                                                      

1) music which would pacify finally leading to sleep or pacifier & sedative                             2) Music that will stimulate or make one alert active end of these wound be war music !         This means one which stimulates sympathetic system & other which stimulates Parasympathetic system  !                                                                                                                                In Indian Music There are Odav Ragas which can be called pantatonic scale music  further Shadav Ragas which would have six tones & Sampoorn (Complete) ragas or having  full seven tones.                                                                                                           It appears Odav or Pentatonic ones would be preferable as it will haves lesser scope for mistakes of commission & omission producing precise effects                                             There would be pairs of Ragas with opposite effects like  (1 & 2)                                                1) Bhoop –  Sa , Re , Ga ,Pa ,Dha , octave Sa ( CDEGA & octave C )                                                2) Malkauns –  Sa , Ko.Ga, Ma , Ko Dha, Ko Ni ,Octava Sa ( C D# F ,G#, A#,Octave C )             Best part is These two Ragas are just one semitone difference in tones like                            ” C   D-D# , E-F, G-G#, & A-A#  Octave C ” Yet effect is exact opposite  ! Same way                  1) Kalyaan – Sa , Re ,Ga, Ma teevra , Pa, Dha, Ni , O , Sa ( C ,D,E,F# G,A, B & octave C )          2) Bhairavi – Sa,Ko Re, Ko.Ga, Ma, Pa, Ko,Dha, Ko Ni, Sa ( C ,C#,D#,F,G,G#,A# & Octave C   Best part again These two Ragas are just one semitone difference in tones (Except C & G) like  ” C  D-C#, E-D, F-F#, A-G#,  & B-A#  Octave C ” Yet effect is exact opposite  !

In This way One can find out & even form opposite pairs with opposite effects …               Simplest being Singing the scale in Aroha or Avaroha ( Upscale or Downscale pattern          Aroha   Sa – Re – Ga – Ma – Pa – Dha – Ni – Sa  ( C -D- E- F- G- A- B- C Octave )                              Avaroha  Sa – Ni – Dha – Pa – Ma – Ga – Re – Sa  (Octave C -B- A- G- F- E- D – C )                                         This will have Opposite effects So usually advocated to sing alternately & called Lehra which means the one which helps in removing dysfunctions in laya ( So Le hra  Le for Lay Hra for har or defeat here….  defeating the defect…  this singing has great importance in Indian singing tutions )     it is supposed to correct your defects in tones !  & If we learn our ABC properly then we become happy this is taught in English from lullaby rhymes ! Indicating the importance of tones & health !

Only Listening to good music also has beneficial effects There are two types of Music described One is called Soor Sangeet & Other called Aasuri Sangeet … Soor Sangeet limits the tones Aasoori sangeet is all inclusive …. to control self emotions & actions after listening to Aasoori Sangeet is difficult  than soor sangeet !  So it is more useful for treatment.

Taal or Rhythm has further effect on treatment Slow rhythms tends to pacify faster rhythms are known to excite with medium rhythms balancing effects ! these can be added according to requirements !   This is in short Approach to treatments  ! For further details one needs to contact experts…..